The Origins of Fort Halstead

This history forms part of a larger RARDE history written by the late Peter Baigent around 1991. Peter had a long and distinguished career in weapons design at Fort Halstead. We are very grateful to his family for giving permission to publish Peter’s research. Fort Halstead originates from a scheme drawn up in 1888 by

Fort Halstead Retirement Group

Fort Halstead Retirement Group The FHRG is (almost certainly) the oldest group for working and retired Fort Halstead personnel. The FHRG has no membership fee, no Chairman or Secretary, no Treasurer and no AGM. This informality and the continuing health of the group relies solely on the availability of one or two people who recognise the

Friends of Fort Halstead

Friends of Fort Halstead We are an association of people, both civilian and military, who work or have worked at Fort Halstead, together with our partners and a number of neighbours, who live close to the Fort. Our objective is the promotion of social contact and friendship between persons who have, or have had, close