Images from the Fort (1989)

In 1989 a report was published aimed at “drawing together at the current time, information regarding the physical plan, form and history of the ancient monument known as Fort Halstead.” These rare images detail some of the historical features still remaining in the old mobilisation centre almost 100 years after its construction. At the time, the fort was under the management of the Royal Armaments Research and Development Establishment (RARDE).

A plan of the Old Fort as it was in 1989. The main focus of the report and images was the original building F8 to the west of the site.
A detailed plan of building F8 inside the Old Fort. It is this building to which the 1989 images below relate. The rooms and locations have been annotated.

The original images have long since disappeared, so those that appear here have been digitised from an original printed version of the document.