The Old Fort, building use in the 1990s

With a large number of plans and documents available in the archive, it’s possible to piece together the use of the site throughout the decades. Combining a site plan from 1986 and a building schedule from 1975, it’s possible to give a snapshot of how the site has changed use.

A digitised and coloured section of the 1986 site plan with building numbers shown.
F1Gate House
F2Explosive Workshop
F3Explosive Workshop
F6Firing Chamber
F7Explosive Storage Magazine
F8Workshop and Store
F9Explosive Storage Magazine
F10Electrical Switch House
F12Explosive Storage Magazine
F13Solvent Store
F16Bomb Chamber
F17Detonation Laboratory
F18Recording Laboratory
F19Instrument Hut
Q13Laboratory and Offices. Tenants - Royal Ordnance Factory
Q14Offices and Store. Tenants - Royal Ordnance Factory
A13Electromagetic Laboratory
A14Admin Offices
X1Fire Pump House

As with many military sites, it was split into zones. Each building at Fort Halstead was denoted a letter prefix based on the zone it fell into. This was partly for administrative reasons but it also helped to identify what areas of work were taking place in which ares of the site. In this area of the site, the F denotes that the buildings are within the FORT area; an area primarily for specialist explosive and detonator work contained within the 19th century mobilisation centre.

Did you work here? Do you have any information on this particular building? Please get in touch and help complete many of the gaps that still exist about the use of our unique site.

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